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Marquis Dance Academy offers quality dance instruction done with care.  We provide a variety of classes taught by a qualified and experienced teaching faculty.


Regular Programs

From kids to adults we have the class for you! We offer a variety of dance styles including Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro and much more. 

Intensive Programs (IP)

The school has a multitude of competitive streams to suit every level of dancer.  Entrance into Intensive Programs are by open auditions. 

Summer Programs

Check out our Summer Programs page for information on when theses events are taking place.

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Our beautiful 8000 square ft. state of the art building located at
55 Sage Creek Blvd. is now open!

And a new second location next to Clear Spring Village Mall
in Steinbach at 165 Park Blvd. W. is now open!

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Every year we finish off our dance season with our annual spring Recital shows held at the Centennial Concert Hall.

Each year ends with spring recital at the Centennial Concert Hall. The recital is always an exciting part of a dancer's development as a performer. All classes, with the exception of Tutus for Two, are included in the recital. There are typically three recitals, all participating students must purchase a costume. (See Dress Code & Policies for costume details)



When available, recital tickets can be purchased at

Please refer to your March newsletter for the day of your child's performance.

Recitals videos can be placed before and during recital.

Class photos are taken in the spring.

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School History

It was in September of 1996 that Marquis Dance Academy first opened its doors in the Island Lakes area. Prior to that, Angele Lavergne, the school's director, had been teaching ballet & creative dance to Francophone students in the Saint-Boniface area in a studio located in St-Philip's church. This first school was called Ecole de Danse Classique, and had already been in existence since 1976.

Ecole de Danse Classique was originally founded by Genevieve Montcombroux. After her involvement with the world-famous Opera de Paris in France, Genevieve Montcombroux very much wanted to continue her love of ballet when she moved to Canada. Angele Lavergne was one of her first students at Ecole de Danse Classique, and she was to learn the art of ballet from Montcombroux for years to come. When Angele completed many years of study, Genevieve Montcombroux offered her a position as the school's director in 1990.

Marquis Dance Academy wanted to offer families and the community a more beautiful, upscale, professional and inspiring facility. In September 2016, the school relocated to a beautiful 8000 sq. ft. building custom designed to accommodate a state-of-the-art dance school. 


School Philosophy

"Quality instruction done with care" has always been the school's philosophy in teaching dance to students. This means that we do our best to make sure that all students receive the best possible dance training. To do this, we have made it a priority to have a teaching faculty that is highly qualified in terms of teaching experience and training. For more information on our teaching faculty, visit our teaching faculty page to read some of their biographies. 

We also want to instil a love of dance in students. In addition to being a great exercise in physical activity, dance is also an art form. Through dance, students not only learn technique, they also develop an appreciation of the art of dancing. They develop a sense of musicality and learn the importance of refinement and attention to detail. Performing on stage also encourages poise and the self-confidence in front of an audience. In short, dance teaches many life lessons that extend way beyond the studio classroom.