Our Intensive Programs are for students who wish to train more extensively and participate in competitions. In June, the school holds open auditions for anyone who would like to try out.
See School Calendar for audition dates and times.

Students who audition for the technical IP program (jazz, lyrical, contemporary) must include the required IP ballet classes. Ballet will help these students to progress more rapidly in other dance forms, while encouraging fluidity of movement and strengthening the dancer's overall abilities and presentation.

We presently have five Intensive Programs: Junior IP, Elementary IP, Intermediate IP, Advanced IP and Grad IP. Auditions are open to anyone interested in entering the program. Students can audition for the following Intensive Program classes: Ballet & Jazz (two classes per week for both), Tap, Lyrical and Hip Hop. IP students may also take part in extra choreographic works in formations such as: solos, duos, trios or other groups. 

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