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Our mini-ballet is a four stage dance program for children ages 1 to 4. Each level is designed specially for each age group. All programs that we offer for our younger students are completely unique to our school.We look forward for you and your little one to be part of the magical world of mini-ballet! 


Twinkle Tots  (age 1) 


The Twinkle Tots (30 min) class is a magical musical experience for parent and child to enjoy together. Using a combination of movement, music and props/toys, the class is a great way to enhance your child’s physical, communication and social/emotional development. The class provides a stimulating yet gentle introduction to song and dance and every week they dance with the adorable mini-ballet teddy bear!


Tutus for Two  (age 2)

The Tutus for Two (30 min) class explores movement in fun, music filled, lively environment. The exercises encourage body awareness, coordination, self-control and refining their motor-skills. They will dance around with fun props like scarves, ribbons, bean bags and more. Parents are very much involved as the children learn to move in time to the music while stimulating their imaginations. 

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Mini-Steps  (age 3)

Mini-Steps is a 45 minute class where your child will explore movements in a magical and imaginative world of dancing. From the moment your child steps into the studio they’ll be transported to a world of princesses, fairies, pirates, galloping ponies, marching soldiers, bouncing bunnies and so much more. They will dance with props including ribbons, scarves, bean bags and more. They will learn valuable life skills like sharing, listening, cooperating as they dance along with their new friends. 

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Creative Dance  (age 4)

In this Creative Dance (45 min) class, your child will learn basic ballet movements and terminology in a fun, music filled, creative atmosphere. The exercises encourage flexibility, strength and coordination in a friendly, supportive environment.  They will learn cooperation and social skills while building friendships as they dance in partners and as part of a group.

Be part of the magical world
of mini- ballet !