Dress Code


Tutus for two, mini-steps & creative dance

  • any color bodysuit with tights
  • pink ballet or gym slippers
  • bare feet is also acceptable

Pre-tap / pre-ballet

  • black bodysuit with pink tights
  • pink ballet or gym slippers
  • black tap shoes
  • hair in a ponytail


  • black sleeveless or short sleeve bodysuit
  • pink tights and pink ballet slippers (canvas split-sole)
  • hair in a bun


  • hair must be tied back in a pony tail
  • black bodysuit - any style
  • black jazz shorts
  • beige tights
  • beige jazz oxfords


  • black bodysuit or dance top
  • black jazz shorts
  • bare legs or beige tights
  • bare feet or foot undies

Hip hop

  • exercise wear, sweat pants, t-shirt
  • non-marking, clean indoor runners only—no outdoor street shoes permitted


  • black bodysuit (any style)
  • black jazz short
  • beige tights
  • black low-heel tap shoes


  • black bodysuit with footless tights or exercise leggings
  • black jazz shorts
  • bare feet

Adult classes

  • exercise wear
  • black jazz oxfords or aerobic runners (jazz)
  • black low heel tap shoes (tap)
  • pink canvas ballet slippers (ballet)

Boys (pre-school classes)

  • white T-shirt and shorts
  • black ballet or gym slippers
  • bare feet is also acceptable

Boys (ballet, tap, jazz)

  • white t-shirt
  • black sweat pants (tap & jazz)
  • black shorts (ballet)
  • black ballet slippers
  • black jazz oxfords
  • black tap shoes