Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Acro, Contemporary, Lyrical, and Combo Classes for our younger students

There are so many benefits that come from taking dance classes, including: developing self-confidence, focus, improved motor-skills, team work, creative thinking, musicality, exercise, better poise and posture, setting and reaching specific goals and of course making new friends!  Research has clearly shown that these benefits also extend to improved performance in an academic setting.


Combo Classes

Pre-Tap/Pre-Ballet is a one-hour class focusing on the basics of Ballet for 30 minutes and then switching shoes to experience the sounds and rhythms of Tap. A perfect class for 5 years olds to experience dance in its variety of forms!

Combo classes for 6-7 year olds! These classes consist of a 30 minutes Jazz class with either a 30 minutes Ballet or Tap class to make a full one-hour class. A perfect way to sample two classes in one learning the basics of each! 

Programs for ages 7 & up

Ballet classes help to develop poise, posture, flexibility and graceful movement. Ballet technique is the base of many dance forms. They will learn plies and pirouettes and everything in between. 

Students will have fun learning kicks, turns and jumps in an upbeat music environment. The classes start with a warm-up, followed by progressions across the floor and end with a short combination. 

Students will learn basic tap rhythms and combinations which will improve their coordination and musicality. As they advance, dancers will focus on more intricate footwork, syncopation as well as progressions across the floor and combinations. 

Hip Hop classes are upbeat and energetic. It is based on a street dance style that is always evolving. Hip Hop classes improve student’s musicality, coordination and groove. 

ACRO  (Ages 6 & up)
Acro is gymnastics for dancers. These classes will improve strength, flexibility, body control and awareness. They will learn basic acrobatic skills in a safe and accurate progression

Contemporary & Lyrical are about self-expression, creativity and abstract lines. Dancers will enjoy dancing “outside of the box” while combining different elements of dance genres as they tell a story through movement.